Sarah Loader Consulting

Helping charities to flourish



Why choose me



What makes me different is flexibility; flexible pricing, timing and method of providing services.


With my depth and range of experience of charity governance, both from the point of view of a regulator and within charities themselves, I can provide expert advice in a clear and straightforward way.


As part of my service I can prepare a tailored report on the issues that matter to your organisation and its governance, detailing areas of risk, raising policy issues you need to be aware of, exploring possible partner organisations that you should consider working with and highlighting sources of further information.


Charities operate in an extremely complicated arena. Finding low cost expert advice is more and more difficult, with support organisations and the Charity Commission increasingly offering very general advice online rather than specifically tailored support to individual organisations.


Most charities don’t have the resources to hold all the expertise they require in-house. There are times when it is more cost effective to hire short-term expertise to look at an issue from an independent perspective.


This is where I can help.